Insurance Information

Insurance Information

The information below is provided to help determine your out-of-pocket expense for your procedure. Have this information available and call the number on the back of your insurance card.

Your insurance representative needs to know the specific name of our doctor and clinic to provide you the in-network benefits you qualify for. We also include the procedure and diagnosis codes. Our procedures are done in-office rather than in a hospital.


Dr. Briana Oster

Vasectomy Codes

Procedure Code: (55250)
Diagnosis Code: (Z30.2)

Infant Circumcision Codes

Procedure Code: Infant (54150)
Diagnosis Code: (Z41.2)

The list below is a helpful guideline for questions you should ask your insurance representative if your procedure is covered.

• Am I responsible for a co-pay for the consultation or procedure appointments?
• Is pre-certification necessary?
• What percentage is my co-insurance? (ex. 90/10, 80/20)
• What is my deductible for the year?
• How much of my deductible has been met so far?
• Can I have a reference number for this call?

After you have received this information from your insurance provider you can call our office so we can determine your out-of-pocket expense and set an appointment for your procedure.